Monday, October 5, 2009

Emergency Brake

It was early Sunday morning, I was a little rushed and I had to pick my daughter up from a late night sleepover and get her to church where she would join her choir to sing in the early service.

I made the drive to her new friends house, following each and every turn that the sweet voice of the GPS told me. What perfect guidance and then the announcement "You are arriving at your destination." There I was, right in front of the house, eager to see my daughter after a busy few days, eager to get to church and worship and sing.

I went up to the front door where three sleepy faces happily greeted me. I stepped inside for just a moment to say hello and get the quick rundown of the night. I was engaged, happy to hear how everything went and always up for a good chat with fellow adults.

After a quick chat we were off to church. As we walked out of the house, my daughter asked me why the car was across the street. I confidently explained to her that it was not our car, but another car that looked exactly like ours and that my car was right. . . . "oops". . . not right here, but across the street and rolled over the curb.

My daughter informed me that she saw it rolling backwards, she just thought that her dad was in the car backing it up. Then I remembered that I had not put on the emergency break. The ever so slight downward slant took my little Corolla on a ride across and down the street. My trusty GPS forgot to tell me to engage the emergency break. It lead me to where I needed to go, but left me on my own to figure out the rest (one would think that I could handle this one my own, but apparently not).

As we stood there, laughing at the latest mishap that I found myself in, I was reminded that I too need to engage. I need to engage in the Emergency Brake of Life. When I go out into this world unprepared, I slip, sometimes ever so slowly, but a little at a time.

I need to remember that even when I follow the path to get there, I need to remain grounded. It is so easy to slip without the emergency break on. Sometimes the slant is slow, sometimes it's fast, sometimes we don't even notice until we are down hill and stuck up and over a curb.

Ground yourself in the word. Ground yourself in the truth. Blessed is the man who delights himself in the word, he will not stumble or fall.