Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Food Addiction, My Butt-crack and more....

In the past, I was addicted to cigarettes and I used to drink a lot and smoke pot (and stuff). I rejoice that I have been delivered from those patterns and addictions and celebrate the fact that I am not who I once was. God changed my life! But now as I learn more (and get older), I realize my addiction to food has been the longest, trickiest addiction I have had to battle.

Becoming educated in this area (and I know so little) has changed my mindset, it is changing my life. I have lost 25 pounds since January, 2015 and I still have about 20 to go. Obesity is literally killing us, it was killing me and I was in pain everyday.

The thing with obesity is that it is one of those "addiction" consequences that no one wants to talk about for fear that people may think we are judging people. Well, If I was high on Meth, you would (I hope) confront me because you love me and tell me to stop killing myself. We don't want to point our finger at obesity and plainly put, fat people. It's a tough addiction and probably one that many of us struggle with. I know I do! It's food, we need it, companies need to make money and they need you to come back, so they create a really good product to keep you coming back for more. Hence...the addiction is created!

I am a pretty frugal person, I love resale shops, sales and I pride myself on not spending over $20 for a pair of jeans. Well, when I burst out of all my jeans and my baggy shirts became skin tight, I had a very good excuse for why this was happening and basically lied to myself in saying that it had nothing to do with the ice cream, cookies, fast food and snacks that I was eating.   **Even when I went and spent almost $200 on a pair of jeans that would fit my new "curves" so that I could spare my kids from having to look at my butt-crack hanging out of my pants, I still didn't recognize the problem. **

I could buy new jeans, but I still felt sick. Headaches, migraines, joint and muscle pain were everyday struggles I dealt with. I had a constant flow or Excedrin Migraine, Motrin, Aleve and sleep aids going through my system and always close at hand. I just thought that this was my life and I would always feel this way.

Today, I am on a journey and I have some incredibly inspirational and passionate people that have inspired me as I continue going forward.

Let me say it again, It stated with knowledge (and grace). First from my Lord and Savior and the example that He gave in His Word. I recommend the 21 Day Fast through YouVersion. I wasn't setting out to lose weight or to change my life, I just wanted to spend time with the Lord and through it He revealed to me my strongholds and one of the major struggles I had was food.

The Lord brought people into my life to walk alongside me. Helping my body to heal through JuicePlus+, my sweet friend and coach, Cheri, taught me so much about the body and what it needs to function properly. I started using the fruit and vegetable powders faithfully and saw much of my pain go away. I have now added the Complete Protein to my routine as well. Love it!!

Then I watched the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. This movie did such a great job of making my health and how my body works understandable and it really motivated me to take it to the next level. I started adding juicing to my daily routine.

With the added juicing, I saw my body completely detox, the inflammation go away and the weight fall off. An interesting bit of info I heard (and don't quote me, but it made sense in my journey and testimony) was that 15% of weight loss is exercise, 35% is what you eat and 50% is detox. I found that so much of what was keeping me fat was that I was poisoning myself with killer toxins through all the crud I was eating and putting in my body. I could go to the gym all I wanted, but the weight never budged because I was full of poison.

So there I was, my relationship with the Lord growing stronger as I began to grasp the importance of keeping the temple of the Holy Spirit healthy SO THAT I can continue to do His work.

But, I still needed help on what to now put in to fuel my body. Learning through various sources on how to eat clean, I am still learning. Thankfully as I detox, my cravings for sugar and food-like products have almost completely diminished, minus that 4 day cruise we just took (remember, I operate under grace.)

I have been inspired and motivated by the recipes of Christina Jordan who has an incredible weight loss story herself. She now coaches and walks alongside people on Facebook and through her very own company Fit Body Weight Loss to help them to live a healthy life. She has dedicated her life to loving people in the Lord and teaching them the joys of healthy living.

I am happy to report that my $200 jeans are too big and I bought a new pair (that I love) for $15!
A friend of mine said "Your skin looks so healthy." My pain is 99% gone. I have more energy than I have had in long time. My massage therapist re-evaluated me yesterday and said my posture and muscle functions have increased positively. I LOVE coffee, but don't drink it regularly anymore because I don't "need" it to get me going in the morning. Now, when I have it, it's a special treat on that rare occasion. I sleep well at night and the insomnia is gone and most nights, I can fall asleep even through my husbands snoring (I love him so!)

Please know, I don't claim to know much except what is going on in my own life and in my own journey. Healthy living is changing my life for the best. I am learning through the journey. God loves me and thinks I am amazing regardless of my weight and the food I put in my body. He loves you the same way, regardless of what you look like and what you eat.

But I do know, that God has entrusted me to care for what He has given and He has entrusted you with the same. So how are you doing?

I operate under grace. Grace has saved my life eternally and grace in my daily walk keeps me going on the days when I fall down, when I slip and when I fail. Today I am staying healthy so that I can continue to do what God has called me to do. Lots of ups and downs, but God is faithful.

I love how people have loved me and gently (and sometimes extremely firmly) spoken truth into my life. I love you in the Lord and pray that He would draw you close to Him and speak whatever truth He needs to into your life.

I pray that He would bring people into your life to walk alongside you to keep you strong in Him and strong in body SO THAT you can continue to do His work joyfully and with a healthy temple.

Please feel free to contact the people I have listed, Cheri and Christina. They are there to help and they know way more I do. Their lives and testimonies have encouraged me and I hope that my journey will do the same for you!

Blessings sweet friends!

PS, as I was scrubbing the tub, this other thought came to me. Food addiction isn't just for those of us who show it through obesity, it's for all of us who struggle. You can be thin and struggle, but maybe your struggle is silent. It comes down to the fact that we are called to be healthy! #GoodChoices

Love ya!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The St. Paddy's Day Struggle

This is my own personal St. Paddy's Day celebration

Today as I reflect on the life of St. Patrick, this is what hits me most as I have been struggling and battling depression over the past few days.

Patrick was a young man who was taken into captivity and enslaved for six years in Ireland. It was during that time, when he had nothing else, that he turned his life over to Christ. It was was in the darkness that he saw light, hope and saving grace. It was then when he realized that he had nothing else but Christ and Christ was enough.

So if you are celebrating this day well, Have fun! Enjoy the corned beef and cabbage! But if you, like me find your self in a bit of a stooper, take heart.....Christ is enough, His grace is enough, He is the comfort and comforts us in our affliction, He draws near to us as we draw near to Him.

So, as I and many others get caught up in the green (which I heard wasn't even his color), let's take heart and get caught up in the example that Patrick was and what God can do in the midst of our captivity, in the midst of our struggles, in the storm of our pain. God is faithful. His word is true.

Look up! He's got this!
I love you in the Lord, Mia