Wednesday, February 2, 2011


God has been hitting me with a lot of Stuff today. I praised Him today for His Word. I praised Him today that His word is actually alive, that it actually pierces through bone and marrow, that it actually cuts opens and reveals the darkness and exposes it to light. I praised Him for His Word in my life and for showing me where I am weak even though I pretend to be strong.

Today when I read this scripture from Jeremiah 3, I saw myself. While I may not be a prostitute walking the streets, how many times have I been guilty of using my gifts for unworthy purposes or sitting by waiting for things of this world to fill me, neglecting the true power of His Word; neglecting and living out the fact that HE IS ENOUGH!

I have been guilty of defiling what He has given me, doing wrong, knowing full well He sees me and sees my heart. I have acted as though I can be disobedient and still expect the heavens to pour down on me. I have had unrepentant, unashamed sin in my life and kept quiet when I see it in the lives of those I love. Today I praised God for making things clear.

Today I am reminded that the floodgates of heaven are opened not because of what I have done or not done, but because of what He has done. I am reminded that each and every time I fail, He delights for me to return. He delights to call me His child. He delights in blessing me. My Father delights in me.

Thank you God for what Your son, Jesus Christ did. Thank You that He made it possible to return, to confess and to receive forgiveness. Thank you, that through your power, I can live a life of repentance and walk in grace and mercy. Thank you that I can speak of your love to the lost.

This is the song I wrote today

Return, oh return
Return, return, oh return

Sittin by the road side you sat waitin'
Waiting for your lovers to come by
You defiled the land with your prostitution
and your wickedness right before my eyes
But He declares.....

Return, oh return
Return, return, oh return

Therefore the showers have been held back
and no spring rains falling down, down, down
You have that brazen look of a prostitute
You refuse to blush, no shame, no shame, no shame
but God says......

Return, oh return
Return, return, oh return

How gladly I will call you child
How gladly will I give you this land, this nation
Just return, oh return
Return, return, oh return

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