Thursday, February 21, 2013

End of an Era

Sometimes, I just like reading what my husband writes. I love him so....Enjoy reading a bit from his heart as he shares a note after his last game of the season.


As many of you know, coaching is one of my true joys in life. On Saturday, another season came to an end as our boys basketball team was eliminated from the playoffs. Just like every year, it is tough to walk into the locker room after the last game and say thank you to the seniors as it is the last time I will get to coach them. This year’s senior class has special meaning as they were the first group to start with me at Valley.

On an even more personal level, it was difficult as it was the last game in which I coached my own son. In fact, after 13 straight years of coaching one of my 3 children in some sport, that era came to an end on Saturday. When I think about the countless hours spent at little league practice, in the gym, on the football field or at the tumbling gym, it is hard for me to imagine that part of my life has passed by. Thankfully, what hasn't passed by are the memories or the lessons taught and learned during those experiences.

I don't think I could ever coach at a place where I couldn't share my faith and the truth about Jesus Christ. As I talked Saturday with the players, I could honestly tell them that while it hurts to lose and fall short of our team goal, in the end that doesn't really matter. The only truly important thing in life is their relationship with Jesus. 

Through the season we had I hope that the players’ faith was able to grow and they trust in Him more now than they did 4 months ago. As a coach I have learned that while wins are nice, the only true victories are the hearts won over for Christ. 


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