Thursday, October 3, 2013

Do Special

We live in an age of auto-correct. We type, we do not proof and then we hit post, just to find out the auto-correct genie has struck again (at least this is the story of my life.) The good thing is that we can normally figure out what people meant to say and simply blame it on the auto correct genie.

I find it funny that my phone changes God to good and good to god. The word Instagram got changed to undrafted on Facebook the other day, but I think Facebook did that one on purpose. I have to admit I have had some very embarrassing attacks from the AT-genie that I won't share here (hence, the word embarrassing.)

But, sometimes I find the irony of the AT-genie quite inspiring. She makes me look at things differently. One of my favorites was when I was emailing a friend of mine discussing the fact that someone threw the verse about women are to "remain silent" in church at me regarding me sharing and "teaching" (NOT going to go into that now, because that's not the point, so don't get me started.) However, it auto corrected/spell checked itself to: women are to "Remain SENT." When I replied to my friend about what I meant to type, he pointed out that the truth was that we ARE to remain SENT!  So thank you to the AT-genie for reminding me that I am to remain sent to do God's will, to answer His call. Hard to do that with my mouth shut and without the Word of God.

Now, what really got me rolling on this today was the latest AT-genie attack. My friend commented on Facebook about the fact that I was so excited to see her last night that I (literally) picked her up. She said it was "do special." I'm guessing what she meant was that it was "SO special." I like DO SPECIAL!

My motto for this day is DO SPECIAL. Special is as special does. Special moments are created when we act, when we love, when we do. That, my friend, is pretty special. So as it says in James 1:22 "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves."

Let's go DO Special! Do Love! Do what it says! God Bless!

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