Tuesday, June 17, 2014

She's Contagious!

Earlier today, I was in the back room reading the Bible and just being a still for a bit. Now, I am sitting at my computer, getting some work done. During both of these experiences I was listening to the sounds of my son and his friend. His friend is happy, very happy. She loves to laugh, she loves to giggle and she finds humor and joy in just about every situation.

Listening to her giggle, made me want to giggle, to smile to join in joy she felt. She has a contagious personality. I love being around people like that.

I want to be like that. Contagious!

And here is the reality....we are all contagious, but sometimes the contagions...

(Contagion: (Merriam-Webster)
a : rapid communication of an influence (as a doctrine or emotional state)
b : an influence that spreads rapidly)

.....we spread are complete seriousness, foul moods, negativity and lack of humor.

My prayer today is that I would  spread joy, reflective of what has been given to me.
Today I want to SHINE!...and tomorrow...and the day after that! SHINE!!!

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