Sunday, December 14, 2014

Honesty and the Million Dollar App

Because my husband and I are so smart, when a situation arose today where I had to make an airport run, but forgot my drivers licence, we came up with the brilliant idea that when my husband got home he would send a photo of my ID to my phone. That way, if I got pulled over I would simply show the police officer a picture version of my I.D. and explain to him that there really should be an app for situations like this. Made sense to me!

Good news, I now have a photo version of my license on my phone in case of emergencies and a brilliant app idea for the DMV.

The thing is this, as I was driving and waiting for my photo to come through, I began thinking about my husband going through my purse to find my wallet (ok, actually it's a fanniepack~because I predict they will be big in 2015.) I flashed back to a time in my life when the thought of leaving my purse unattended would bring fear into my mind....fear that my husband would find things that I was hiding....cigarettes, receipts, phone numbers.... fear he would find all the junk I worked so hard to hide from him.

Back in the day, I would use the guise of "You NEVER go into a women's purse" to keep him from looking when the fact was, I just didn't want him to stumble upon the truth of my life. Well, if anyone knows the story, eventually, by the grace of God, he did!! THANK YOU JESUS!! Here's a link if you want a listen to our story CLICK HERE

Fast forward to today. I LOVE that I have NOTHING to hide from my husband. I love that he can go into my purse, my wallet, my closets...anything of mine and I do not have to fear that he will uncover my lies.

There is a beauty that comes from truth and openness in a marriage. Honestly, my husband has no desire to go through my stuff ever, BUT the fact is that even if he did, it wouldn't matter because sharing my life with him, being open and honest is so much more freeing than the work and heartache it took to lie, steal and deceive.

I was a person in the past that worked very hard at my craft of being a liar and deceiver. It took a while to undo those habits and learn to tell the truth. Jesus made it possible for me by breaking down a lot of walls and habits in my life and extending grace and forgiveness to me.

I love being open with my husband, sharing life, victories and my failures with him, knowing that as I speak truth in love he will always love me. How much more with my Lord and Savior.

I know a lot of people that can probably relate to the difficulty in opening up completely to a spouse or to anyone, but there is beauty in this vulnerability in that we learn and experience grace. And through this, learning new habits that lead to an abundant life.

I am glad that we have a Lord that will bring our darkness to light. It's just a matter of time. But why waste one more day living in disguise when today could be your day to take a step into a more abundant joyful freeing life. #SpeakTruth

"You have set our iniquities before you,
our secret sins in the light of your presence." Psalm 90:8

One of my favorite places to make that first step is through a program that I walked through and still attend today, Celebrate Recovery. If this is something that might help you with ANY hurt, habit or hangup, check it out and find a location near you. Blessings!

Love you all!

Bob & Mia Koehne ~ Married December 31st, 1993

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