Wednesday, June 10, 2015

GREAT! Another Made Up Holiday

If you know me fairly well, one thing you've found out is that I am anti-Hallmark Holidays and anti-made up holidays. I'm not a fan of Valentines day in the respect that people are made to feel like they "have to" buy cards, presents and chocolate. I love my Mom and always call her on Mothers Day, but I have no desire for people to go out and spend money on me to tell me they love me. I already know they do.

So, when June 8th rolled around and my friend sent me a very celebratory text message telling me that it was National Best Friends Day, I thought to myself "ok", but then I started to reflect on the friendships God has weaved into my life. So many.

Then it happened, I got all Verklempt and started posting pictures of those gals that were my lifelong BFF's (Best Friends Forever).

But here's the thing, I call many people friends. Friends because God has in someway connected me with them. I call you who read this, friend, as we are connected through words, hearts and prayers. I have several dear friends who I have spent countless hours with, struggled with and rejoiced with. Then I have a very small group of friends that have been so instrumental in my life that I truly do call them my Best Friends Forever, my BFF's.

Ironically these are also the women that I see the least amount of time, have the fewest selfies with, live the farthest from and talk to less than most. Yet, these are the women who love me and whom I love through time and distance. These are the women, that when we get together after MONTHS/YEARS of not seeing each other, do not miss a beat. These are the women who know they are loved by me and the women I know love me, NO MATTER WHAT!

My sweet friend Margaret, who I lived next-door to since I was six weeks old has never left my side. She has been there through it all. Loved me even when I was crazy off my rocker. It has been the sweetest of friendships that has spanned my entire life.

My precious high-school friends Ellen and Lori are the two girls who took me in when I abandoned my regular lunch-room table (high-school drama) and loved me. Two girls that pretty much taught me most of what I know about music and ministry. Above that, they both lived life with me during those crazy High-school years and beyond.

So in honor or this completely sappy made up holiday, I encourage you to reflect on the friendships you have been long, or simply so deep it feels like you have know each other forever (I could list several more like that.)

Take time to pray for these special people or that special person in your life, that God would continue to guard your relationship and bless it for the years to come.

Love you in the Lord,
Your friend,

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