Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Kind of Crazy

Not that my life is a life of chaos, but I have to admit if you compared my brain to my husband's brain, my mind would look a bit chaotic. It would have swirls, mountains, valleys, dizzying colors and a whole lot of drama. That's just inside the brain. Thankfully, I still have a filter, (well, half a filter) so that the world is not tormented with my crazy.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful 2+ hour coffee with a friend at the breakfast joint. Literally, it is called the Two Hippies-Breakfast Joint. Great place if you are even in Phoenix. Anyway,It was such a wonderful time of encouragement, prayer, edification and a plain ol great girl time. As we talked and shared what's going on in our lives, I found it so amusing that we are quite similar and have very similar husbands. What a joy it was to talk about the men we love and all their strengths and how much they mean to us. I think I even made a comment at how refreshing it was because there are many times when one might listen to women who have nothing good to say about their husbands. So, on and on we went about our wonderful men.

The greatest insight and thankful point I had from that visit was how grateful I am to my husband and to God for bringing me together with a man who is so wise, has such clarity, so able to love and forgive and above all (and this is the main one) he has the amazing gift and ability to see through my chaos. My chaos, that I sometimes can not see through myself. He looks straight past my ups and downs and just sees me and loves me just as I am.

He sees through the fact that the house is not clean this week and sees that we live in a house of love, prayer, faith and hope. He sees through the pile of laundry in the hallway (ok, two piles) that couldn't fit in the laundry basket and sees that I am tending to bible study, transporting kids, visiting with friends and doing the things that really matter. He sees the beauty of my heart through the chaos of my day, my mind, my ups and downs, my bad hair day, my no shower day. He just sees me and loves me.

Thank you Lord for the wise, clear minded, godly man that you have given to me to lead this family in faith towards You.

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