Sunday, November 28, 2010

Status Update

I will be the first to admit that I kinda have a deep fascination (some may say an addiction) to Facebook. I love to stay connected and I love to see what my friends near and far are up to. Yes, sometimes it's a little much, but I enjoy the positive inspiration, the prayer requests and scriptures that several of my friends share. And I enjoy the funny banter that we exchange between friends.

But there is that side of me that struggles with the easiness of it all. I wrote my friend an actual email the other day. Even though I got her updates and photos, I realized that it had been a while since we talked or even wrote to each other. I told her that she was worth so much more that a status update to me.

I am so thankful that our Lord who calls us friends, see us as more than a quick status quote or daily update. I'm so glad that I mean so much more to Him than that. I pray that God allows me to be more than a one liner in the busy lives of my friends, family and neighbors.

I'm so thankful for His word that blows the top off the status box. I love His word for His word is life. His word is Salvation for all who believe.

So each time I am on Facebook, I pray to remember that these Facebook friends are more than that, they are God's beloved and He desires that we all come to a saving knowledge of Him through Jesus Christ.

I pray that Facebook, yes even Facebook, would be a means by which people will see our light and give glory to God in heaven.

One of the last Facebook statuses I put up said this... ‎

"Facebook is proof that we DO have time to pray"~John Piper

Lord, help us to be more than an update in the lives of those we love and help us to be more than a one liner in the lives of people who desperately need our time, our ear, our hearts and our hands reaching out to them. Amen!!

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