Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I think that today is the day of me getting to share all the wonderful pieces that other people write that inspire me and hopefully will bless you too. Among one of them is my dear husband who simply writes a blurb each week at the High School he works at. I really enjoyed what he said this week, so I would like to share that with you....And as I say "you" I do wonder who "you"are, let me know. Regardless, be blessed this day as I have been.

Here it is. . . . . .

Advent is here. A time of preparation, but what are we preparing for? A lot of our time is spent preparing for a concert, or a party, or buying gifts for friends and family. I wonder what Mary’s time of preparation was like? What we know is that Mary’s response to the angels was “I am the Lord’s servant.” (Luke 1:38) Will we have this same attitude as we prepare? Will we take the time to be the Lord’s servant when it feels like there is so much to be done? I hope this Advent is a time for all of us to be able to focus on the coming Christ and the opportunities that we have to be like Mary and say, I am the Lord’s servant. ~Bob Koehne

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