Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm not stupid!

So I learned a few things this week

1. When telling a story and your kids start clapping and chanting "GREAT STORY! TELL-IT-AGAIN! GREAT STORY! TELL-IT-AGAIN!" What they are really saying is "Mom, that's a lame story, stop while there's still time for redemption."

2. It's a really cool feeling to say during an interview "...off the record"

3. I lack fear, not discernment. By God's leading and His power standing on the street at night near my car with an (admittedly) alcoholic homeless man by myself, talking with and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for him to have the opportunity to receive eternal life, makes me so unafraid of any physical harm that could come my way. Honestly, and I say this very sincerely, I would rather be attacked than to not share the Gospel with someone that Christ so clearly told me to share it with.

No fear in love. And as my friend, Sean, reminded me, it would be a lack of love to not share with someone the only truth that brings eternal life. There is no fear in love. Perfect loves cast it all out.

I love you!

PS ...the 4th thing I learned is that when you are at a baseball game you can yell out whatever you want as long as you say it twice, but leave that last word off the second time..i.e "Here we go Aaron, Here we go!" or "Make it happen now, make it happen!"

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