Friday, February 17, 2012


I haven't written for a while~didn't quite have the words or motivation. Since my last post in December, I had the honor and privilege of sitting beside my Father as he took his final breath on this side of heaven. What a bitter sweet joy it was to know at that moment, in the twinkling of an eye, he was standing in the presence of the Almighty King, Jesus!

I could go on and on about the experience, but the words "honor" and "privilege" seem to sum it up. Life has been busy and going a 100 mph ever since. Aside from the natural mourning process, I have been trying to move forward in the music ministry that the Lord has laid before me. I have been trying to write and have just felt as though I was coming up short. It was pretty sad as I forced myself to write and nothing intelligible would come out....that was until the Lord, in His sweet timing, poured it in to my heart and soul allowing it to come out as a prayer in song.

This evening I had the joy of sharing my first song post my fathers passing. As I shared this song with the attendees, I explained this process to them along with these words.."loosing someone can cause us to do a couple things..We run away from God because we just don't understand OR we draw closer to God because we simply don't understand." This song, this prayer is what my journey caused me to do. It caused me to simply cry out to Him and say OMG

And a link to my Dad's obituary

c. 2/2012

May it be my ambition to follow you
May it be in my soul to hope
May rejoicing that seemed far away,
Roll like thunder poured out anew
May I drown in your grace each day,
May my hunger for you cause me to….

To cry Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh My God

You are the One who has called me by name
Your blood is my salvation
Your righteous kiss upon my heart
Now fuels this holy passion

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