Friday, April 25, 2014

Our First College Graduate

Today, my husband and I were able to witness our firstborn walk the stage and receive His diploma. From the heart of this college drop-out, I have to say I stand in admiration of my son, Chris, for this accomplishment and all the hard work he did to make it to this day.

As parents who have not adopted the practice of paying for our children's college (mostly because we simply can't) seeing how he worked diligently to save his money, put himself through two years of Community college debt free and go on to the University for another three years, work hard to earn as many scholarships as possible and not have to take out massive loans is pretty impressive to this Mom & Dad.

So I stand in admiration not only for the excellence he showed in his studies, but everything it took for him to be able to thrive, succeed and finish his education as a Magna Cum Laude honored graduate.  Just so proud of my baby boy!

And I am very thankful for a place like Grand Canyon University that not only educated and trained him to be a leader in secondary education, but nurtured him in his faith and walk with Christ. Seeing his relationship with the Lord bloom over these past few years has by far been the most rewarding treasure in my heart.

Today was a good day, and seeing him walk the stage blessed my heart.

As a side note, he wasn't planning to walk, but when he was online trying to pay graduation fees, he couldn't navigate off the page to pay for fees without purchasing a cap and gown. Since he didn't have time to figure it out, he just decided to buy the cap and gown and walk. So for that internet navigation error, I am thankful! Thanks internet glitch, you made my day!

Proud Parents

                   Our Babies Aaron, Chris, Miriam          

 Glad someone brought flowers
Chris and his friend Tracie

Commencement Address ~ Maj. Dan Rooney, USAF (Ret,)

                                                              Dinner at Spinato's

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