Friday, July 11, 2014

A day of learning and observing

Just one of those days where I felt like I learned a whole lot...some big, some little and some just a reminder of things I already know.

Observations From My Day

It's nice to call people friend. It's even nicer to be a friend.

Four hours sitting a talking with someone who you really care about getting to know better only seems like 5 minutes.

I can make a cup of coffee last three hours.

I love that God meets us where we are and doesn't rush us through our struggles, pains, hurts and hang ups. He is gentle and loving, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. I want to be like Jesus.

When I used to smoke, I actually believed that the world was my ashtray.
Today was payback as some smoker who has not yet had that realization that the world is NOT an ashtray threw a cigarette out the window and it landed on my car, bounced around and burned a spot on my car before it decide to burnout and blow off my car.

I learned that we see things differently when we are in different situations.

I learned that there are times when I hear God so clearly and times when I jump ten steps ahead of Him, but graciously He shows me an escape route and covers my butt...Sometimes though I just have to bite the bullet and deal with the consequences. Today, luckily,  I retreated quick enough and learned to be a better listener.

After learning a listening lesson, God gave me another opportunity to listen to His voice, this time, though, it sounded just like my husbands voice and I simply said "ok" and didn't try and figure it out myself. It was surprisingly easy and less stressful.

My kids are adults. I can give my opinion, they don't always listen and I kind of like that.

It was really hot today. How do I know? Once I got in my Phoenix, AZ car, it took less that 5 seconds for my metal dangley earrings to heat up and start burning the side of my face.

My kids are pretty awesome.

The display mannequin I bought for my merch table needs to wear a bra...just sayin'

My husband is a very patient, hardworking, loving and forgiving man and I think he's cute!

God's Word is life to me.

God loves me......and He loves my husband and my kids way more than I do and I would die for them.

God is amazing. His love is amazing.

It's really awesome to have family in the airline business.

Life is short and no days are guaranteed. Love God, Love others.

And if I ever put on my calendar REST and SLEEP, I can be sure that in the mail will come a jury summons for that exact day. #Storyofmylife

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